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The Lanly Company designs and builds custom Heat Processing Equipment for an extensive range of industries. Lanly ovens and dryers deliver exceptional product uniformity and maintainability; guaranteeing maximized production.

With over 70 years of multi-industry applications and innovations, Lanly is uniquely positioned to deliver customized heat processing equipment to meet your most demanding specifications.

As a World-Wide supplier, Lanly is recognized for outstanding customer service. Our reputation has been earned through the successful installation and continuing support of more than 7,500 systems in over 40 countries.

Lanly offers customers the services of a fully functional product development & testing lab at our headquarters in Cleveland, OH.  The Lab equipment has been specially designed to offer extensive flexibility and enhances Lanly’s ability to work with customers to develop both new products and more efficient processing systems. These adaptable systems allow different heat technologies to be used singularly or in combination to test innovative ways of improving product quality and production.  

Lanly systems are designed to fit your business, not ours. That’s our mission, and thousands of repeat customers concur. Let us prove it to you.

Lanly offers custom insulated panels designed for your special application. Whether you're building a drying chamber, cold room, or sound barrier, Lanly's proprietary interlocking panel system guarantees system thermal efficiency and structural integrity.  


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