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Since our establishment on August 1, 1938 as a privately held firm, The Lanly Company has served a wide range of industries. We build custom engineered equipment for a variety of heat processing requirements up through the 1250° F temperature range.
Lanly headquarters
The Lanly Company  - Cleveland , OH
Our fabricating facility employs the latest in machinery practices in order to reduce unit costs and to make Lanly more competitive in our field. Quality workmanship is paramount and we constantly strive to update engineering and shop procedures. Lanly quality extends well beyond satisfactory product. On-time shipment to our customers is one of our prime considerations. Weekly production meetings are held with key people to insure shipment promises are kept.
Our laboratory facilities are offered for customers wishing to obtain specific process data prior to making an investment in new capital equipment.   Our lab at Lanly is Specially designed to offer extensive flexibility to accommodate the wide range of our customer’s process requirements.     
Hi-velocity air processes are continuing to become more useful in all industries. Higher production requirements, faster systems, and tighter uniformity are conditions met by the application of hi-velocity heated air. This technology is often referred to as impingement air processes. Lanly is a leader in air oven technologies. Lanly's Mechanical Engineers have developed an efficient, high-velocity tube, air discharge, duct system. This Impingement Air system is used to speed-up drying and curing continuous web products.

We have in-house capability to design complex integrated control systems or to have our equipment function and interface into larger integrated systems. Lanly has incorporated many of the available programmable logic controllers into control systems where communication/information interlocks are required for equipment function. Lanly's Electrical Department has developed an inexpensive first-out indicator, called the Lanscan, to save field down-time and to facilitate trouble-shooting.

Lanly's experienced team of service technicians provide professional consultation, start-up assistance, turn-key installations and full-service support. Our staff is trained and well-versed in mechanical and electrical trouble-shooting to provide quality, full system support.
To ensure your system continues to meet your production demands, we maintain a history of every piece of equipment we've ever built. These records are used for parts replacement and provide technical information to facilitate upgrades and retrofits.  Lanly's documentation archives contain all drawings, specifications, and communications for each job; including our first job dating from 1938!

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The Lanly Company
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